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In 2009 we opened up our first mall kiosk. Now we're into our 5th year with more Electronic Cigarette store fronts in Colorado than anyone. We offer quality products, a great warranty, and the most knowledgable sales staff in the business.

Shop online or visit one of our 8 retail stores in Colorado. You can also find our COLES E-Juice stocked at a large number of independent retailers, too!

Thank you for letting Colorado E-Smokes earn your business!


We make COLES E-Juice at our own factory in Colorado. All ingredients are sourced from USA suppliers. We now manufacture over 35 flavors at 4 nicotine strengths. Enjoy a high quality, consistent vaping experience with COLES E-Juice.

Electronic Cigarettes

All popular electronic cigarettes comes from China. Early on, we visited China and negotiated our own line of branded electronic cigarettes with the best factories we could find. Our products are first run items built to our specifications. We are constantly researching new products and negotiating new contracts to offer the leading edge features demanded by the discriminating consumer.

Industry Leading Warranty

At Colorado E-Smokes, we stand behind our products with a one-year warranty against failure on all of or our products (excluding Nic Fix, Cartomizers, some types of atomizers). Shop around; this is not your typical smoke shop. We see our 4 years in business as just the beginning. To be here for the long haul, we must offer quality products at fair prices and back them up with an industry-leading warranty.

Thank you for visiting Colorado E-Smokes! We hope you also will become our customer!

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Brisk Winter
Flavor of the Month

Sweet and full flavor with a burst of wintergreen.
Flavor of the Month

That ancient, unforgettable taste from when the Mayans first discovered the cacao plant.

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